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The Story Behind The Mask..
and the site.

Have You Recently Found Yourself In A Pandemic,
Seeking Humor In Lieu Of Human Interaction? Same.

Let's go back.. All the way back to forever ago. Or, better known as: 2019. Once another young woman steady climbing her way up the corporate ladder, I was on top of my game. I had the job I wanted, my home in order, and a typical 5 year plan that seemed like a no brainer. After several failed (insert any life topic here), I had finally.. and I do mean finally.. found my groove. To put life in perspective, with 4 kids attending 3 different schools, their dad having Stage 4 cancer, a 3-hour daily commute for work, and perhaps a few too many moves throughout the years, I could finally just have a schedule I felt good about. Yeah.. have you seen life's sense of humor a time or two? Queue dramatic music:

Enter CoVid -- Stage Right.

There weren't enough expletives in the English language to describe what went through my head. Wait, you want ME to spend every waking moment with my 80-million kids (number may be slightly exaggerated for journalistic purposes)? Homeschool them, too? Wait, wait. People were making bread from scratch with $63 worth of ingredients for a $3 loaf? Oof. Boy, were the standards set pretty high right away.

So, I did what any normal mom would do. I hid in the closet. I kid, I kid. Obviously, it was the bathroom. Which, was my novice mistake. They always know when you're in the bathroom. There, yes, in the bathroom came the glorious, never-ending, To Do List.

Top of that list? Be present: Be Home: Be with them.

This is my attempt at balance. To be the mom they need.. and to keep the bill collectors away.

I like to write. I like to joke. I like my strong opinions. So, if you'll bare with me, I'll write, I'll design, I'll survive. I wish you all the same survival during these challenging and crazy times.. and if by chance you're out of toilet paper in your city, just add a note. I'll do my best to send a roll or two. Cheers!

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